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  • Spicy Udon with Fried ‘Chicken’ Cutlet
  • Spicy Udon with Fried ‘Chicken’ Cutlet

Spicy Udon with Fried ‘Chicken’ Cutlet

by Nature Cafe


3.64 (5)

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7 May 2021
the mock chicken was good and chewy and the soup was pretty spicy to my

surprise despite looking so clear! a nice bowl of noodles in general but would've been nicer if there were more veggies


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11 December 2019
The dish looked plain, but the soup surprisingly had an oomph to it!

The spice isn't obvious until you start drinking mouthfuls. The cutlet and tau pok works well. Udon is good serving and chewy~ I thought the use of broccoli was a bit strange for hot soup, but oh well...

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25 November 2019
This was just okay, presentation looked bleek when it came, soup is a little salty

but the chickn was still crispy despite being in the soup. Have tried better dishes from here.

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26 August 2019
Noodle soup wasn't as spicy as I would like and I found a bit

of their paste in small chunks at the bottom of the soup not well stirred into the soup... Soup was only so-so. The "chicken" cutlet on the other hand was super convincing and hard to tell is not the real thing! 😱 I also like that they have 2 stalks of broccoli at...

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5 November 2018
the udon and cutlet tasted alright but the udon turns a bit nua (soggy) after

a few bites

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