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  • Spicy Satay Burger (Beyond Burger)
  • Spicy Satay Burger (Beyond Burger)

Spicy Satay Burger (Beyond Burger)

by Nature Cafe


4.07 (11)

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12 October 2020
🍔 A local variation of burger with Satay (spicy peanut sauce) with Beyond burger meat

🍔 The burger and patty are yum, but the satay sauce was too watery, so the buns got soggy
🍔 I prefer their black pepper version which keeps the bun and patty intact
🍔 Comes with thick potatoe wedges which is a nice break from fries.
💖 Day13 #veganisnotscary
#burger #beyondmeat #beyondburger #satay #asianfood #westernfood #fusion

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[Spicy Satay Beyond Burger, $16.90]
Lo and behold, a burger (and a double-decker one =

twice the taste)! Merrily dripping peanutty sauce; fingers pressing deeply into soft burger buns; grease lining your mouth; the firm and solid chew; the smoky smell of charred patty (of a not-dead animal); the happy exhale as you swallow and realise, yes, this is a Fantastic Vegan Burger. Of note: patty was a bit dry, but nothing cooking a little less won’t fix. A solid steal for a 1 for 1 promotion.

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Love how this wasn’t too spicy. Came with a pineapple ring, tomato slice, cucumber slice,

two individually deep-fried halves of a super meaty & juicy Beyond patty & lettuce sandwiched by sweet & savoury peanut-based satay sauce. Potato wedges were crisp and crisp though they would have been better if served warm. Wished they had the option of serving these on reusable ware! #satay #asian #western #fusion #burger #beyond

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Nature Cafe (Aperia Mall) is the the first local vegetarian/vegan restaurant to offer the meatless

burger on their menu starting from 29th March, and for the first 3 days there will be a 1-for-1 deal for the Spicy Satay burger! It has it's homemade satay sauce that’s nutty, spicy and delicious. So if you’re not a fan of western cuisine, maybe this Asian fusion suits your tastebuds

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I will be honest, when beyond burger came to Singapore, I was thrilled! What's more,

there is a discount! It's a 1for1 buy at $16+ might be kind of pricey. The taste was nothing like I'd ever expected. It wasn't salty! Instead, it had a sweet flavour to it. Unfortunately I did not pour the satay sauce over it because I am allergic to peanuts, but I highly recommend to eat it with the sauce for peanut lovers! Unexpected taste for the patty (I was expecting it to be salty), but it is definitely worth a try!:)

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Tastes exactly like meat in my opinion! Satay sauce was tasty. The burger itself was

really good and worth a try - except for two random pieces of cucumber (to mimic nasi lemak I think) that were oddly crunchy when the rest of the burger was quite soft. Fries could be better as they weren't very crispy.

I had this under the 1-for-1 promotion. Otherwise it would be quite expensive at $16.90++!

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Great burger! The patty is cooked perfectly and the satay sauce goes really well with

it. There is a slice of tomato and pineapple in the burger which complement the dish well👌 The potato wedges could have been crispier though.

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spicy and sweet! This was my favourite burger from here! Their satay sauce was really

good! It was very rich and flavourful, not diluted or watered down! This burger is suitable even for those who cannot take spicy food!

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Had high expectation but a bit disappointed by the taste. The beyond meat patty was

overcooked and tasted a bit dry. Tried other Asian dishes though and they are great!

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Really yum overall! Not spicy at all though, haha. The sauce actually tasted surprisingly sweet

to me. I got it during the introductory 1-for-1 promo, but the full price is $16.90.

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