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  • Green Curry with Rice Noodles
  • Green Curry with Rice Noodles

Green Curry with Rice Noodles

by Nature Cafe


4.20 (5)

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9 November 2020
πŸ’š Love the green curry at Nature Cafe

πŸ’š So this one dish green curry kway teow is perfect way to enjoy it when doing a one person take away dish

πŸ’š Very satisfying & is one of my most ordered dish at Nature...

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12 December 2020
Not to my liking :( can’t really taste the green curry fragrance and was

really grainy :( by default contains evaporated milk so remember to request to remove! If they added coconut milk in, the taste might be less bitter and more smooth imo πŸ˜…

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8 August 2019
Ask for no milk to make this vegan!

I guarantee you it still tastes OK though not really like a curry. And no, though it looks like it, it will not taste like thunder tea soup/ lei cha! It was yummy with many...

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31 January 2020
super fragrant dish which smelled very similar to actual green curry!!

the taste was not that similar but was definitely comparable and went very well with rice

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27 August 2020
very interesting dish that is veganised and spicy, it is great for a family dinner

or friend lunch. it is quite reasonably priced and very flavourful

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