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Curry Udon

by Nature Cafe


4.27 (6)

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27 April 2021
A new try at Nature’s cafe!!

I love any type of curry and this was really flavourful! Not the Japanese curry but really yummy and goes well with the udon! The potato was really soaked up all the...

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8 May 2021
Curry udon was tasty, wasn’t a fan of the mock meat so I will

probably have it removed/replace the next time. The meal wasn’t too heavy and it’s just nice 😊 Pretty worth for $6.50! Will plan on trying other dishes at this restaurant.

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24 June 2019

Sooo good! Chewy and delish udon, not too spicy. Share so u won’t be so...

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9 June 2019
The curry tastes exactly like fishhead curry, was hoping something similar to japanese curry but

it's fine. Honestly wish that i could have some prata next to me :( I found a piece of hair, which seems to be a recurring theme for me. They were nice enough to get me a new replacement which would have been awesome if i wasn't so full already.

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15 March 2019
My go-to meal during a rainy day, slightly spicy though.

29 November 2018
Nature Cafe 🌱 |

Curry Udon 🍜


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