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ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is a vegan dream! Awesome place, awesome people, and the

best vegan burger joint-type food ever. The burger patty is perfect + all of the fixins and the amazing fries! I hope this place is open forever. #mercyforanimals

amazing burger but holy moly it was pretty expensive for a burger. I mean the

bun was soft and pillowy and the flavor of the charred onions in the blanket of cheese billowed through my tastebuds in a very delicious journey. The patty was kind of thin but it’s okay. The veggies were very fresh and complimented the saltiness of the patty and cheese very well! It was really good! My wallet is crying but it was good! It would be a nice treat once in a while. #burger #veganburger #fastfood

In N Out without the cruelty and cholesterol. 🌴Impossible patty 2.0, FYH cheese, and vegan

thousand island make this one of my fave vegan cheeseburgers! #veganoutreach

Wow this is so meaty and juicy! The texture, taste and presentation is bizarrely and

impressively similar to beef. Goes so well with the FYH cheese and their tater tots! #veganoutreach

The best vegan burger in LA🍔 Period! You can’t leave LA until you eat at

Monty’s💯 Sooooo goooood! I always order my burger with tater tots😋 Their dipping sauces are delicious too.

So good, so tasty, a must try for vegans in LA! Burger was great and

fresh, fries were perfect and crispy, and strawberry shake tastes like strawberries! Lots of SAUCES available! We got the “house” or thousand island, ranch and spicy Mayo (sriracha mayo) yes it is expensive but I thought it was a great experience. THE STAFF IS SO KIND!

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