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  • Double cheese burger

Double cheese burger

by Monty's Good Burger


4.82 (10)

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11 September 2020
Perhaps the best vegan burger out there, and with a new location on W. 3rd

St, all Angelenos have to try Monty’s double cheeseburger!

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23 May 2021
I would recommend this if you are in the area, the only critique I have

is that the burger does not come with fries or tater tots; the burger itself costs $14 but I say it’s good quality.

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23 March 2019
Hello cheeseburger heaven, if you are looking for a vegan In-N-Out style burger

this is the place to eat. Everyone here has a smile from ear to ear, the service is fast and attentive. The food is delicious

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16 March 2021
I was definitely intimidated by the price of one burger, but not going to lie,

I completely forgot about the price once I started eating it lol. The double was very filling for me and I really, really enjoyed!

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21 May 2020
I’ve heard people complain that’s it’s too much like beef.

I personally couldn’t clock it as a plant based burger. Even the cheese. This thing is amazing.

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6 January 2020
Food was hot and taste great as always!

These are called Maxed Out Tots it’s a must have every time!

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18 December 2020
Monty’s is so good and iconic.

The food is really delicious. The shoestring fries are a must get! I like Monty’s cheese 🧀 🤤 This is a place all vegans should try!

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8 October 2019
El sitio es espectacular!

La dueña es vegana, y tienen una carta vegana muy apetecible

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3 January 2020
Probably one of the best vegan burgers in LA.

Taking my first bite into the burger i had to look back at the menu to make sure it wasn’t meat