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THE. BEST. DRINK. EVER. Pure #veganheaven 🤤 By far my favourite drink that I've tried

here so far!!! Omg everything about it is just right; not too sweet, just the right coffee taste and the rice cream is out of this world 😇 Though pricey at $6.90, I would pay for such a treat! #sogood #bestpicks

loved this a lot!! tasted rlly like coffee and the rice creme was rlly light

which is nice cause I don't like creams that are too heavy and make me feel like puking afterwards (〃゚3゚〃)

This was my last order before self-isolation but I've some news to share! You can

order any of MCC'S signature drinks when you order food from Bodhi Deli! #supportlocalbusiness

This was sooo creamy and delicious! I'm definitely going back for it again. Their stock

of the mugi rice cream is finishing soon, in a few weeks' so I highly recommend to go have this within these 2 weeks or it might be gone. They will be taking it off the menu. The rice cream is dense and thick, very creamy but strangely doesn't feel heavy but light! Amazing. I'm sorry I had to use MCC's original photo because if you see my photo I took it too late and it was already ugly and absolutely unpresentable...LOL

Quite deliciously creamy! I went for 25% sugar which was just right for me. Unlike

some other bubble tea shops where I find even the 25% sweetness too sweet. Only thing I wish is that the soy milk was made fresh instead of the cartoned one. I think the oat milk is made in house. I tried another drink with that but it seemed a little watery with the (less) ice. Will go back to try more sometime 😊

$6.90 for this lovely drink. It is definitely worth the try if you love to

eat things like whipped cream. It is lighter compared to dairy whipped cream so you can consume more of it!

Psst. They also give BYO discount of 10%!

Mugi tea was mild. Nice roasted taste. The milk and cream enhanced the flavour. Can't

really see the drink in this container but it's ok. 10% off when you byo container, very good👍🏻

really like the rice créme but overall it was just a little too sweet to

me but if you are a fan of bubble tea, the sweetness will be perfect

Mugi Rice Creme Latte is not to sweet and has a well balanced creamy consistency

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