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Most helpful reviews

no boba and no sugar for me bcos i like it this way. 99% of

population may not enjoy this until you love oats enough to drink oat milk raw

Earl grey is so good with French vanilla. OMG I will miss this place!

I really wanted to love this vegan milk tea, but it was disappointing. I got

oat milk with 0% sugar, and brown sugar pearls. It was uninspiring, little flavor and not creamy enough. They do offer flavors so maybe that’s the issue. Or perhaps adding some sugar even though I never order sugar.

Lovely. I love earl grey tea. And now vegan bubble tea is available. Slightly expensive.

The mylk tea infused with nice Earl Grey fragrance. Personally, I like it to be

a little bit more sweet. Add boba to have the best experience hahaha!

I never knew what the big deal was with bubble tea. But hey let’s give

this a shot. It’s not too bad. A lovely welcome to the quarantine lockdown 😅

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