Levant Chicken Kebabs

  • Is Levant Chicken Kebabs vegan? Yes! Levant Chicken Kebabs is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.48 (10)

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Wow! Where do I even start?? I was blown away by this meal!

It was

lemon chickn kebobs with a whipped tahini sauce and a cold bulgar salad. So incredibly original, so tasty and very satisfying. I looooved the lemon flavored chickn. 🍋

The waiter was kind and dining here was a lovely experience. Top notch (and fully vegan!) restaurant, I highly recommend if you are around.

#wow #abillionturns3 #Londoneats

This was incredible, one of the best meat substitutes I’ve ever had. The chicken tastes

so realistic and has the most amazing barbecue charred flavour due to being cooked in a charcoal oven. Lovely whipped tahini and butter beans too.

Kebab plant based che sapeva di pollo, servito con pomodorini, cipolle, su base di riso

e una salsina piccante stile sriracha. Interessante il sapore della proteina utilizzata, nel complesso forse un po’ sbilanciato

I'm not sure if they've changed this dish but I didn't enjoy it as much

as the last time I had it. The chicken is super delicious and is the best bit. The peppers are fine, but there are huge pieces of fennel and too many of them. The little salad bit on the side had a weird seasoning on it that made it taste dry and not very nice. The sauce on the side was also fine but nothing special. I still love Mildred's though!

Wow I’m so positively surprised! I didn’t know what to expect of this dish and

it’s so tasty and full of flavour. Grilled chick’n tastes not too close to real chicken, so its not intimidating for a vegetarian, and the mix of veggies and a citrusy kick is super nice. This one and pad thai from Mildreds are super good.

It’s the second time I order this dish from Mildred’s and it’s amazing. Grilled chick’n,

fennel, pepper, farro, tahini sauce

Satisfying meal! The kebabs and tahini were outstanding!

My husband still eats meat and thoroughly enjoyed this!

The chik’n was tasty but the dish was a bit too crammed and loaded. It

was too much on the plate

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