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  • Gyoza dumplings

Gyoza dumplings

by Mildreds Restaurant


4.84 (5)

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6 March 2020
I struggle to go to Mildreds without being tempted into having these as a side.

Some of the nicest dumplings I’ve eaten

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11 July 2020
A very flavoursome and tasty treat.

One of the best dishes available on the menu.

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2 April 2020
Delicious and authentic tasting.

We couldn’t help ourselves - we ordered 3 starters between us.

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14 October 2019
Delicious tastebomb explosions of flavor with a killer dipping sauce - out of this world- highly

recommended!! #greyton

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5 February 2020
Deliciousness on a plate.

Fresh and yummy! Would definitely have again