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Sri Lankan Curry

by Mildreds Kings Cross


4.60 (6)

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10 March 2020
One of my favourite curries, all round amazing.

The sweet potato and cashews work so well in it and the rice is always great, only downside is it’s quite pricey #huntsabs

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14 December 2021
Very tasty and filling dish.

The curry is amazingly creamy and it goes well with the sweet potatoes. Highly recommended

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22 November 2020
It tasted really good, especially with the freshness of the green beans.

It was a bit heavy though.

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5 October 2020
This was delicious, especially loved the crunch that the nuts gave.

This was a massive portion though!

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1 December 2017
A light coconut milk based curry of sweet potatoes and green beans with roasted lime

cashews and pea basmati rice. Give a little chilli kick to the meal with the coconut tomato sambal side. This generous one bowl main at Mildred’s makes for a wholesome meal for...

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13 April 2020
sweet potato coconut curry with fresh greens and so much flavour, served with rice

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