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Soul bowl

by Mildreds Camden


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20 February 2021
This was actually from winter 2018, but I just stumbled across these pics and hope

I can post them? I miss traveling! I dragged my friends to a vegan restaurant for NYE and this was one of the dishes we ordered - it was my first time trying cashew cheese, and I really liked...

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24 May 2022
Fresha and nourishing bowl, the best part was the avocado cream!

Also the dressing is super enjoyable

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23 November 2021
At fist I got a bit disappointed by the looks, it looked like a normal

salad that I would prepare at home. But after tasting I understood that it was something special. Super mega...

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6 May 2021
It’s served cold; nice mix of quinoa, mushrooms, cashew cheese (the yellow cream), tomatoes, raisins,

carrots. Mild and refreshing taste

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9 September 2019
A delicious bowl of goodness!

A Plant based Whole Foods dream!

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