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I had a craving for #thundertearice and I’m glad Metta cafe has them,cos I work

there on some days.

For me,the best one is the thunder tree family shop but they closed down,along with their family farm.Screw you Singapore for making it damn hard for small individual owned businesses to survive here.

This one is ok,decent enough.
Has the usual long beans,green vege,tofu,peanuts,cabbage,sweet chai po.
The tea is not strong,so i guess the purist thunder tea rice lovers may not like it as much, I however am ok with it cos I’m not so much of a tea person.

I did finish the entire bowl so i guess tht’s good.
Im open to suggestions where to get good ones here. 🙏🏽

I love this thunder tea rice! The tea soup is very savoury! The herbs are

not too overpowering. The vegetable side dishes have a good well balance. One of the best thunder tea rice I have tried! Not sure if they have brown rice option - I ordered via foodpanda.

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