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SGD13.80 for the regular size, before service charge & GST

There is only one vegan option

at Menya Kokoro, but it's done very well indeed. You get thick and chewy handmade noodles topped with raw tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion, lettuce, a vegan minced meat sauce (I think it might be Impossible meat?), and a dollop of blended tofu. All of this sits in a pool of sauce that is fragrant with toasted sesame seeds and slightly spicy. You add a spoonful of kombu vinegar, mix everything up and dig in. It is salty, umami, creamy, tangy, spicy, chewy . You'll be left with extra sauce and minced meat; at this point, you mix in the tiny scoop of rice and finish it all up. Yums 😋

This was so good! I ordered a large & requested for more veggie less soba

and there was still alot of soba 😹 Added on some bamboo shoots and I devoured it all delightfully 😋 It comes with a free soup & if you finish the bowl with some of the sauce left inside they offer to give you abit of rice for free to mix with the sauce so nothing goes to waste! 👌🏽

Very decadently fragrant savoury mazesoba (dry soba) base, creamy vegan ‘yolk’ sauce, assorted raw veggies

& my fav thick & chewy soba of all time (it’s like great quality udon!) :’) #noodles

If you need a ramen place in the CBD that also caters to your non-vegan

friends, Menya Kokoro does have one (only one :c) option for vegans. Its basically like vegan minced “meat” “ramen”, but the noodles are so oversized that it feels like overly soggy and bloated udon noodles. Its actually mazesoba, which is meant to be thick and bouncy ramen that goes well with the umami sauces in the dish, but its just not for me. I very much prefer those QQ thin noodles or just the traditional ramen would be great too. These noodles are filling though. On the bright side, the yellow paste (made from tofu?) and the other ingredients are delicious. However the vegan mazesoba although listed in the menu as non-animal, is served with a shittake “mushroom” soup that contains bonito flakes. Could probably ask to omit from the order. Overall i probably would not patronize again due to lack of vegan options and this only vegan option contains fish byproducts :(

It doesn’t taste bad but I just don’t have the preference for spring onions that

lingers long after I’ve done with the meal. It’s quite oily especially at the bottom. Didn’t have the soup Cus it looks like there’s bonito flakes in there.

Satisfying bowl of mazesoba! Love the texture of the noodles. The minced meat is made

of soy meat. Vegetables were fresh. Would be great if they added seaweed to this dish! Would definitely be back!

my go to every time im in plaza sing
my non veg friends can eat the

other things but tbh when they try this they also love it ☺️☺️☺️ so good so happy there is a vegan option in this non vegan place

First time trying maze soba. It looks like udon and the regular bowl itself is

rather filling. Taste wise is ok.

This dish was delicious! Love the texture of the noodles and everything came together very

nicely. Don’t forget to request for a mini saucer of rice to be mixed in before you finish up. Would return!

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