• Is Shoyu Vegan Ramen vegan? Yes! Shoyu Vegan Ramen is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.09 (13)

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Most helpful reviews

The perfect place for a quick ramen fix 🍜 The saltiness of the soup contrasted

very well with the sweetness of the corn. I also love the variety of soy mince, bean curd, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, nori seaweed & spring onions.

It is extremely rare for Japanese restaurants to offer plant-based meals, so Menya Kokoro did the job by putting out a few vegan options. Will definitely get a larger bowl next time!

Absolutely delish! Everything in the dish is so rich and flavourful! :)

Noodles is chewy and nice, and a nice thick juicy and sweet slab of Aburaage

Tofu to bring out the Japanese Kitsune in me!
Add lots of spring onions and corn (my two most favourite veggies) and it's instantly a YES from me 😍

Wanna go vegan, but don't know what to try? This is a good starter dish because the soup is the 'Meat' of the dish! #veganisnotscary

First time at Menya Kokoro and really happy that they label the vegan items on

their menu :) The ramen was pretty decent and I liked the sweet tofu and bamboo shoots! Overall, a very decent dish that I would have again.


One of the few places I know that has vegan ramen. I got the large

bowl and it was a lot. Not sure how it compares to real ramen but this was pretty alright. #veganisnotscary

Decided to try their other vegan option for a change and also cause I wanted

to have something warm and soupy. Big portions so come hungry and like the sweet tofu like thing that came with it! #veganin2020

Overall I’ve enjoyed the dish, but I personally didn’t like the sweetness of the bean

curd, although I think it’s a traditional element.
Worth trying😊 #veganisnotscary

Had high expectations after seeing the reviews on here but I was p disappointed :/

quite tasteless actually?? Tastes like the soup that comes on the side with the udon. I’d probably go for their dry noodles instead! #veganin2020

I added chilli oil($1.50) but it’s still a bit too bland for my liking. But

I was really happy to see 2 vegan options!

Perfect dish for a cloudy day. Something to chew and to drink. Nutritious and rich.

I liked this dish but I'm going to try a different one next time.

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