Viennese Soy Schnitzel

by Max Pett
4.33 (3)

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Most helpful reviews

You cannot be in Germany and not try a #schnitzel !
It is a very

typical #bavarian plate.
I really liked it!
Only issue probably is the price that for me is quite high (this doesn’t mean that the price is needed to have a good product, just a lot for my pocket).

Price: 18€

This schnitzel was amazing!! And the whole dish was very filling: the crunchy soy schnitzel

was served with some delicious salad and you could choose between fries and ketchup (which both my parents took) or potato and cucumber typical Bavarian salad (which I took). It was all delicious but the most satisfying part was definetely the remoulade sauce!!

A must try in Germany (?): schnitzel! I’ve never had it before so I don’t

know what to expect. You get to choose either fried or potato salad with cucumber (or a little of both). It seemed like the moisture/water from the potato salad/salad was seeping throughout the plate, but it didn’t affect the fries and schnitzel. It was a little tough to cut into the schnitzel and it was too salty for me. All I tasted was salt(?). Loved the potato salad and homemade date ketchup. It lightened the dish for me.

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