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Margarita pizza

by Massimo's


4.40 (5)

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23 June 2022
Very yummy flavors, wish the cheese wasn't added in blobs (Oh and I ordered

it with avo)

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5 June 2020
I enjoyed the taste of the vegan mozzarella, super nice with a light cashew taste.

The gluten free vegan base add on is a solid option for someone desiring it. I added artichoke to boost protein intake even further💪. They donate to animal shelters with your order and have an entire vegan menu👉

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8 August 2021
Added mushrooms and artichoke to the old faithful marg.

one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten.

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23 August 2020
Cheese is just a few blobs on the pizza.

Not enough to compliment the pizza. Very thin bases

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4 November 2020
The photo doesn't do this pizza any justice - it was absolutely delicious.

A simple tomato base with vegan mozzarella, fresh basil and a basil infused olive oil drizzle. Sometimes less is more and that definitely applies to this pizza - simple ingredients with wonderful flavours. We sat outside with beautiful views of the...

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