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Pad Thai

by Mali Vegan Thai


4.24 (10)

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30 January 2022
This was a a bit too greasy :/ taste was quite bland, could have done

with more veggies I think, and seasoning. Not the best dish.

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3 March 2022
Pad Thai is a classic and this place made its own twist with crispy bean

curd skin which eaten on its own may feel quite oily but paired with the veggies and the noodles is great.

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4 May 2023
Très bons pad thai.

C'était frais et très savoureux. Les nouilles étaient très bien cuites et la sauce délicieuse mais peut être un peu trop discrète pour un pad thai. J'aurai juste aimer avoir un peu plus de légumes.

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2 April 2023
I love Pad Thai so much and this one was automatically GF which made me

very happy. The taste was amazing. Would have preferred tofu rather than tempeh but would order again undoubtedly.

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31 December 2021
also love a pad thai, and this didn’t disappoint!

could have just been a slightly bigger portion, or more veggies? #veganisnotscary

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18 December 2022
Classic #veganpadthai from this all vegan Thai restaurant.

Take your friends they'll love it.


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5 June 2022
Pretty much the perfectly standard vegan Pad Thai 🥰 It is a perfect replication of

the normal and it comes out super quick 🤪

Would definitely come again just for the aesthetic alone

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30 April 2023
Very good dish!

I was a little bit afraid that is was spicy as it was showed in the menu but I found out that there are no spices at all.

Not too much oil and a great taste with the peanut crunches that you can mix with the rest of the...

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13 April 2022
Vegan pad thai with slim noodles (I though it was with band noodles).

Tasty and well presented!

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18 May 2022
Can’t even describe this for how good it is!

Pad Thai used to be one of my favorite foods ever and I absolutely loves the vegan version! Tasted so good! The sauce and the cubes of tempeh are out of this world

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