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5/5 stars. Novel veg meats like spam, wheat gluten, and mock prawns are also available

:-) really worth it. Tastes really authentic - spices and fragrance was on point. The “ma” or the numbing spice was quite strong compared to the “la” (spiciness) when i ordered small level spicy. If the day wasnt too hot, might have ordered medium level :p will be back to order for sure!

Forgot to take pic before I start and I cannot stop till I am almost

done. Intended to keep it for tomorrow but couldn’t resist and more than half is gone. 😬

It is super good. It is hard to get the numbness from any stalls and am belly happy that this is spicy and numbing too. So so good. My favourite Mala ever~ 🤍🌱

$2/100g, rice was $1 each. Total $17.40. Has quite a lot of mock meat options!

Tried the sausage (it’s the really soft type) and the fried fish which they use in the slice fish noodle.

Very affordable mala xiang guo in a coffeeshop! This bowl only came up to $10.40.

Not very spicy and quite saucy. Personally find it a bit bland. The flavour profile is not as complex as the Green on Earth one. I prefer Green on Earth’s mala xiang guo but price wise, makan vegan’s is definitely more value for money. Note that the stall only accepts cash. The staff was very friendly and helpful, he pointed me to the nearest ATM and waited for me to come back and pay for my item.

Finally, the spicy hotpot “Mala Xiang Guo” in a vegan version. Super filling and delicious,

great value for price, but unfortunately I’m not too tolerant to spicy food, so even the ‘mild spicy’ version got my literally crying. Going for the ‘original’ version with no spice next time.

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Price:-$15.60 #BYOC
普通清炒不加辣! 非常淡!有些淡而无味也闻不到香味! 放在保温袋,还温温的也该有味道!
Ordinary stir-fry without spicy! Very bland!

Not much taste and have no scent! Put it in an insulated bag, and it was still warm, it should still taste good! Super disappointed

A decent mala xiang guo, not as oily as others I’ve tried. Medium spicy (中辣)

gave a nice spicy kick and made me sweat 🥵😋 This was about $15 for 2 people.

Their mala dish was very nice and had a good flavour but it was very

oily. Do remember to ask for less oil if you avoid oily food :)

My first Mala experience in Singapore. Did not disappoint 🤤

It is with great pleasure that I can now officially state that dish is both

#omnivoreapproved & with 4 confirmed thumbs up, Malaysian approved too 👍 Especially if you order it #spicy 🥵

I was shocked though that this came at over S$30??! 🤯 My last order was only around S$15! Of course this was a larger portion I suppose 🧐

Finding a #halal or at the very-least “pork free” #mala isn’t always easy in Singapore for my Muslim friends, especially given most vegetarian places do not know how to spice their food 😐 …at least according to our East Malaysian standards. I at least have this spot to recommend now 🤗 When we got home he was even telling our other housemate about how good this was!

Makan Vegan is a godsend! 🙌

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