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Most helpful reviews

An absolutely excellent fully vegan restaurant in the old town of Cali.
Their daytime menu

rotates everyday. Usually costs around 15-20k and you get a choice from multiple dishes they made for the day + soup + drink.

It's all Colombian, whole food dishes. Amazing value for money, I went here probably 6-10 times.

At night time, they only do hotdogs, burgers and pizzas. They also have a small vegan product shop.

All in all, a vegan oasis in the best part of Cali.

I don't even know where to start with this review. The menu del dia included

a soup, a drink, salad and a main. It was so colourful and nutritious and tasted fresh too. Everything was delicious and I really struggled finishing the whole thing. Great value overall, and can't wait to be back here.

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