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Most helpful reviews

Woah! A chocolate fritter is something I've never seen before! I'm not really usually a

fritter person, but this was awesome 🤤

Delicious. Would buy again! I gave it 5 stars ⭐️ for nutrition, because

it does have dark chocolate on it…and that’s good for you.😬👍

machino fritters are maybe the best donuts in toronto. the dutch fritter is probably the

best donut i’ve ever had in my life. this one isn’t that one but it’s still a very good and fun one. the chocolate is nice. do i wish it was a dutchie? yes but this is, not so ya definitely eat this.

oh ya and lol a disgusting milk propaganda truck drove by during my photoshoot with this delicious chocolate dough pillow. imagine insisting on consuming milk from a hot sweaty cow sack when you could just drink a coconut instead… truly mind boggling. #ditchdairy

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