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I found this one to be a bit on the dry side... Maybe it's because

I ate it later in the day and fritters do seem to lose their freshness more quickly than other donuts. It wasn't my favourite, but I wouldn't turn it down if someone offered me one 😉

not only does this not have raisins in it, but machino actually asked their instagram

following if they should put raisins in it, received a resounding “yes”, agreed it was the move, and still didn’t put raisins in it. i can honestly only interpret this as a complete troll job and assault on raisins so i can’t in good conscience give this any more than 4 stars. it is a pretty good fritter other than that. other than the all out attack on raisins and my raisin people. but ya other than that pretty good! doesn’t really hit you in the face with the carrot vibe either if you want to get into it. but still an edible fritter. anyway there’s a war on, pick a side. #justiceforraisins #raisinhell #raisingang #raisinawareness #teamraisin

The fritters at machino are absolutely out of this world 👽🪐 go get one right

away do not pass go or make another single bad decision today if you haven’t already had a machino fritter. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, with little teeny carrot shreds, cinnamon and walnuts folded in there 😍🥕 I couldn’t with a clear conscience give it 5 stars because there are noooo raisins, and everyone knows carrot cake = raisins, and raisins = great, and raisins > no raisins. Don’t @ me! It’s math.
#raisinawareness #veganisnotscary #9090challenge buckle up here we gooo 🚀

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