Pistachio Cake

by M Bakery
4.27 (9)
  • Is Pistachio Cake vegan? Yes! Pistachio Cake is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

What a delicious 🎂 cake!!! Got it for my mum's birthday. $42 for 500g and

it's taller and bigger than other vegan cakes I've had and cheaper. I was soooo amazed with the decoration, Chinese New Year themed!!! 🧧🧧🧧 I didn't ask for it specially and this is the first time I'm eating such a decorated vegan cake! Pistachio taste isn't strong or obvious, cake sponge is drier but the generous amount of cream sure makes up for it!!! Nice 💚 colour too. Can def consider getting whole cakes from here again, they're the cheapest ones I can find around. I'm not entirely sure if the chocolate balls and coins are vegan but I just ate one anyway, mum said it tastes very different from normal chocolate (didn't like it) so perhaps it is vegan. #vegancny 🧧 #sgcheapandgood 🎂

Sooo pretty and thankful that my friend went all the way to get this for

me ;”) soft and reminded me of the eastern highland texture!

IT IS AS YUMMY AS IT LOOKS 🎂🎂 Best #birthdaycake ever from M bakery. It’s

sooooo creamy that I can’t believe it is eggless! Ordered this on the phone super smoothly. The entire cake costs $40 so pretty affordable too 🧡 Now who says you can’t have a #vegan birthday party!! #veganin2020

$40 for this 1/2kg cake, pretty good deal and taste not bad, tasted like usual

cakes you would get at HDB bakeries.

Super happy to be able to get a full cake without having to preorder in

advance! The staff there were all really friendly and kind! This cake taste like my childhood’ cake which you typically get at a HDB bakery. $40 for the whole cake which is pretty reasonable!💚

Vegan cake but honestly couldnt differentiate it from usual cakes. Nice presentation & i love

all the topping of fruits! Love it!

Another great cake by M bakery - pistachio taste was not artificial and not too

sweet and the cake itself was really light despite how much cream is on it. Can’t wait to go back and try their other flavours!

These cakes are delicious. Slightly expensive. Good thing is bakery is located nearby 🙂

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