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Yangnyeom monkey head mushroom

by Lucky Cat
4.48 (5)
  • Is Yangnyeom monkey head mushroom vegan? Yes! Yangnyeom monkey head mushroom is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

About the restaurant

Lucky Cat
Lucky Cat84 dishes · 395 reviews

35 Hougang Ave 3, #01-02, Singapore 538840

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Most helpful reviews

Love the texture of the monkey head mushroom it is springy yet soft n chewy

(a lil like scallop if you’ve tried scallops b4). The sauce is also rly addictive it’s more sweet than spicy!

This has become one of my fav dishes in this cafe ahh the mushroom is

so soft and not too strong in fungi taste. it also doesn’t feel v oily and the sweet spicy sauce is so nice!!

#EveryEffortCount #16 Apr 106/365 #769
Quite disappointed for this dish! Not worth the value! It

was so hard and difficult to chew! The sauce don’t really taste like Korean food 🤨 somehow it was so sweet. We both were so thirsty after the meal! Wrote in to lucky cat and they don’t put MSG in any dish! But obviously the seasoning sauce have that. Anyway won’t order this dish again 😒

Craving this as I’m typing dammit haha but love that’s It’s mushroom and not soy,

really yumz

Delicious monkey head fibrous texture, great taste too

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