• Is Satay vegan? Yes! Satay is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.55 (17)

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Most helpful reviews

Best satay ever! Both vegan and otherwise I have never tasted such good satay. I

often find satay to be quite dry but these are succulent and full of flavour! The peanut sauce is also amazing! So filling and satisfying 😋

Los satay son típicos de Singapur y son pedazos de carnes en una brocheta, yo

nunca los he probado pero la versión vegana es deliciosa ! Mi pololo que come carne dice que los de este lugar son incluso más ricos que los de carne 💁🏻‍♀️

Not the best vegan satay (titles belongs to Loving Hut in Jakarta), but definitely worth

a try. They're generous with the peanut sauce, which, let's be honest, is the best part of having Satay. #jaan

A great satay, lovely texture and looks the part. I think the sauce could be

improved a bit to mimic the classic peanut kind. #jaan

Yummy satay skewers from Loving Hut I had two weeks ago. It was my first

time trying this local dish and it surely did not disappoint! I found the skewers really tasty in themselves, so I didn’t get much use of the peanut sauce (actually I ate spoons of it because it was just too good to leave on the plate, but considering how flagrant the skewers are already, I think it’d be better if they put smaller sauce portions to avoid food waste). Nice dish for sharing I think! :)) It was about $12 if I remember well.

Not bad! Chunky, meaty and taste very similar to chicken satay. The peanut sauce is

great as well and it comes with chunks of cucumber, pineapple, and rice cakes (ketupat).

I was really hungry today and added this to our lunch order. A satisfying chewy

satay that kept me satiated till dinner. Loved that the peanut sauce was served piping hot, but the cucumber and pineapple were a little dry.

my kids call this ‘seitan on a stick’ and it’s probably my family’s favorite dish

at loving hut. comes with rice cubes, cucumber and pineapple and i love the peanut dipping sauce.

Very good attempt at satay complete with the peanut sauce, ketupat, cucumbers and pineapples. The

“meat” was authentic.

The satay had a great flavour and the peanut sauce was really good, very nutty

with a hint of spice! Love the rice cubes too ☺ 😋

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