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Nyonya Laksa Lemak

by Loving Hut


4.27 (18)

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8 July 2021
Laksa is smooth and creamy.

Portion is huge. A healthy version of Laksa in my opinion, yums!

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27 September 2020
I would definitely recommend this to every person who has never had Laksa.

This is just the right amount of spicy for a beginner. I wish the portion was less. Definitely going to remember to downsize it next time!

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24 June 2020
Generous portion, high quality ingredients.

I’d definitely come back for the laksa 💯💯

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23 August 2020
Delicious and very lemak (coconuty) 😋 Love the shreds of cucumber toppings.

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3 December 2019
💟 This is another signature dish at Loving Hut.

💕 The laksa broth is rich and flavourful. We chose yellow noodles instead of the usual thick rice noodles. The yellow noodles tastes good in laksa...

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6 October 2019
It has a mild spiciness level.

It is so warming and comforting eating this. It was so flavourful!

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10 January 2021
A really generous serving size means you will not be hungry after this meal!

I was a little disappointed in the depth of flavours - it feels fresh and nutritious, just a little monotonous after a while.

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2 October 2020
The laksa was average, felt it could have been been more flavorful.

However other dishes we had ordered (not in the pic...😐) like the Satay, Otah and Char Kway Teow were flavorful. Highly recommend trying this place out.


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1 December 2020
I have eaten their laksa several times but it was years ago.

The impression from this recent meal was different. The soup was not as tasty as what I had before, no longer have the "wow" factor. The used of ingredients and garnish, as well as the portion is comparable for the price though.

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21 June 2020
The gravy wasn’t too spicy.

The richness from the lemak made up for it. Noodle was smooth and springy and they’re pretty generous with the tofu, sprouts and other veggies. All round perfect meal to accompany the stormy day

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