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Banana Leaf Nasi Campur

by Loving Hut


4.27 (14)

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30 June 2021
Ok guys we only have so many years to live so u can try this

place if u dont want regrets

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30 September 2020
Loved every single element in the nasi campur!

The tofu scramble was delicious. There was even a jam-like chutney served with this. A pity the sides came a little cold for my liking.

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16 January 2020
No complaints about this dish except for the scrambled tofu which tasted a little bit

off and sourish, everything else was well cooked and flavorful. Love the crispy keropok most as I used to enjoy munching on prawn crackers in the past.

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2 May 2021
All is tasty especially the sambal brinjal and rendang.

Spinach is fresh. Rice and soup(some spinach soup) are served hot. Although the rest of the dishes are not hot, they tasted...

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21 February 2021
Was a tad bit cold but colours were amazing!

Flavours were great!

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8 December 2021
Good size portion.

Only the vegetable and soup were served warm. The rest of the items on this plate were served chilled. They did mention this in the menu...

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12 March 2021
I had high hopes for this but it just wasn’t that great?

Haha. The brinjal was nicely spicy and the “mutton” balls were quite convincing but it somehow felt like a ~meh~ dish unfortunately.

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16 December 2020
Mildly flavoured brown rice with a host of side dishes.

Esp tasty are the spicy brinjal and rendang mushrooms. Pretty good.

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20 February 2021
It look super good but a bit cold when eat 😃.. we went in the

restaurant 15 mins before last order 😅. Overall still nice 👍🏻

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15 October 2021
There is a 15% discount for takeaway orders now, I heard so much about this

vegan restaurant founded in Vietnam; a pity that they don't carry Vietnamese cuisine on their menu anymore. I ordered this lovely rice dish instead. #veganisnotscary

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