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let the animals live when you have such AMAZING options!!! Superb, superb, superb burger 🍔!!! Pure #veganheaven with the meaty patty, vegan cheese, amazing vegan egg and sauce!!! It was only very slightly spicy and I've a relatively low tolerance. It's quite pricey at $15, but oh so amazing. Only thing is I found the 🍔 patty slightly dry. I really applaud their effort to use compostable packaging. Still I find it to be quite a lot of waste. It'll be great if they have an option that you can check to bring your own container for pickup (and maybe give a small discount) since they're trying to encourage people to be environmentally-friendly after all. Would try to request to bring my own the next order. Will be back! #sgveganjunkfood #bestpicks

I'm so shook by this burger I really can't believe how it can taste so

good and be vegan!! The cheese and the meat tasted very real (altho haven't had the actual ramli) and the bread was so nice and toasty too. Must try #veganin2020

My first ramli #burger since turning #plantbased 😻 Ramly Burgers are iconic and typically a

beef fest 😮 So am proud that love handles decided to do a #vegan take on it! Top marks for originality and taste, but felt that the burger could be bigger - somehow feel that their burgers used to be larger than they are now 👀 #lifeatabillion

Ramly Burgers are usually sold at night markets in Singapore and Malaysia. This is the

first time I've came across a vegan one so I had to try it! Touted as their signature smashed patty, this may be the best #impossibleburger I've had so far, more so at $15, tastier than the previous expensive ones. Really good eggless frittata paired in a mix of creamy garlic aoili, sweet-sour and tangy bbq sauce. Great brioche buns. Really brought this pasar Malam favourite to the next level. Healthier and in a more compassionate way too 🥰 They currently have a promo code: LOVEHANDLE15 for 15% off 🌟

Soft, springy bun, savoury sauces and firm vegan cheese. Impossible patty soaked with lots of

meat like sauces. This was a very non-vegan tasting burger and might be off-putting to some because of its uncanny resemblance to real meat and animal derived sauces. Very savoury, a little too much to my liking, but I've thoroughly enjoyed it nonetheless.


solid burger. haven’t had the real ramly in a few years so can’t attest to

the authenticity of this burger, but the egg has a scrambly texture vs omelette and i wasn’t a huge fan of the texture. burger is saucy enough - it will get a little messy! though as usual, i could have eaten 2 to be really full. #veganuary

Yummy burger. One of the best impossible vegan options in SG. Interesting to see that

vegan egg layer. I’m not too fond of the egg texture but the sauce makes it tastier. The buns are so good. Burger size is great and very filling. Must try if you are into ‘impossible’ options.

SO DELICIOUS! Vegan burgers never cease to amaze me. I really liked everything about this

burger — the patty, the cheese, the eggless frittata and the sauce — it all came together so nicely.


ramli burgers were something i enjoyed, knowing that a vegan alternative exists feels like such

a dream come true. really like this burger especially the addition of the negg- that and the savory sauce really makes this burger taste really unique. with each bite it transports me to a mental landscape where i’m sweating with a burger in tow at a pasar malam 💞🥸💞 #veganuary

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