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If we did a blind taste test with a McNugget this would cut it. It

doesn’t have the strange starchy taste that mock meat typically has. I’ve always avoided nuggets (and processed meat in general) because at the back of my mind I’m wondering which parts of the animal got “anyhow” mixed in. So that’s the advantage of this vegan nugget - you can enjoy it without that very particular thought.

In my previous post about the impossible burger - it’s the same deal. I also avoid minced meat because again, which parts got “anyhow” blended in? We never buy mince meat from the stores anyway, and always buy a good cut of meat and mince it ourselves. Okay just sharing some trivia. Makes this space more interesting. I think omnivores and flexitarians can relate - maybe you have the same thoughts as I do 😅

(Caveat: I’m not totally sure if it’s called Tater Tots because I wasn’t the one who ordered it - you can ask for this vegan nugget!)

#approved 😄

Blown away! This tastes exactly like chicken nuggets. It's so tasty, and flavourful. I think

they use the tindle vegan meat! So close to kfc nuggets. 1000% must try!

What glory! What majesty! What satisfaction to my soul! The most #nugget of nuggets this

is! 🤪 I’m only irked that abillion has this listed inaccurately 🥲 You’ll find them listed as MyNUGGETS on their menu now 🧐

Perfect #mockmeat to skin ratio 👌 Such brilliant bounce in every bite 💥 as much as there is the most crisp of crunches! I could’ve been happy if it weren’t spiced but it wasn’t super #spicy anyway. The sauce wasn’t too shabby either but I wouldn’t call it anything spectacular 😗

$8 for 9 pieces is pretty steep but I can’t find #vegannuggets anywhere else for now so this’ll just have to be accepted 🫠

Not unlike the art and decor of the restaurant, the food is always feels refreshingly classic but also kind of eclectic 🤓

Love the nuggets here 🤤 The BBQ sauce wasn’t as good as their #szechuan sauce

but it is what it is and it was still fantastic 💖

These vegan #nuggets from Love Handle are 11/10 truly… I practically inhaled them 😇 honestly

so much love and appreciation for Love Handle — their food is always top notch and their staff is awesome!

Their nuggets are well spiced and the texture is similar to real nuggets

These nuggetsss!! Tastes so much like McNuggets because of the spice!! Can’t wait to hv

it againnn🙃🙃🙃 #mcalternatives

These nuggets were so yummy! 🤤 The crust and texture made it so crunchy and

juicy and it tasted so much better than any other nuggets! Definitely going to get this again! 😍

first of all, i’d like to thank love handle burgers for being on the Table

Top app. i haven’t ordered from them in a while since they increased their delivery fee from $10 to $15 after regularly ordering at least 2-3x a month. it’s a flat $10 on the table top app + a 10% promo if you order now. they were also super generous to throw in 2 complimentary suntory drinks even though i wasn’t planning on drinking on a sunday night, i can deal with the 3%.

ok on to these nuggets. they’re the same nuggets as the ones sunny slices had and they are DELICIOUS. i prefer the curry sauce from sunny slice but the bbq sauce here is delicious as well. best veg nuggets i’ve had in singapore. it’s $9 for what looked like 8-10 nuggets, forgot the count but it’s pretty filling so all worth it.

Love handle is one of the 2-3brands residing in the same restaurant location. Only vegan


I ordered this tater tots from the one serving wraps. They have 2 vegan wrap options available.

Dine in is ready and you can now enjoy your meal in the restaurant. (:

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