Hot TiNDLE™ Chicken Burger

  • Is Hot TiNDLE™ Chicken Burger vegan? Yes! Hot TiNDLE™ Chicken Burger is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.14 (49)

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Most helpful reviews

Hands down the best vegan burger I have tried. They knocked it out of the

park on this one. I usually find their burgers tad bit greasy but this was not greasy at all and the flavour was amazing. Ofcouse the #tindle patty does an amazing job of replicating chicken.

Cute looking burger. The tindle "chicken" meat was amazing. "Meat" taste was really strong, good

option for new vegans who are still in transition phase. Too strong for me though 😖

#vegan #burger #tindle

Am I reviewing this #burger again? Yes 😂, but it’s because it’s the last day

#tindle is planting an additional tree for each review, so get your #tindle reviews in!!!

I can’t get enough of this burger, it’s AMAZING.

I need to slow down on burgers but there are just so many great options

these days. Tried the #tindle burger here and was mind-blown. Spicy, tangy, crispy..hits all the right notes. #veganburger #sgvegan

I’m gonna be honest, this is in my opinion the BEST #tindle dish out there!!!!!

Love what they’ve done with the burger, it’s flavorful, delicious and not greasy like most love handle burgers. This review is also coming from a fake meat hater, so if this impressed me i would say it’s overall pretty incredible!! It was not spicy though, would love for more sauce and spice for the future!!! #abillionwomen

This was a really decent burger. My friend who ordered this was a meat eater

and she was completely blown away by the whole 'chicken'ness' of Tindle. The sauce that came with it was really nice and it was a great combination with the purple cabbage and pickles.


tried the 🌶hot #tindle burger🌶 again last friday - surprised that the burger didn’t taste

as good as the first time i tried it - it was burnt, dry and the sauce was unevenly spread. maybe different chefs for lunch and dinner?🤷🏽‍♀️

Decided to give TiNDLE a second try and liked this way better than the one

at Privé! It was simple, the sauce was great and the bun was awesome. The cabbage was probably unnecessary but I'll deem this burger #beardfriendly

It was $18 which feels expensive.

out of everything i’ve tried so far, this is my favorite #tindle creation so far

methinks! the patty is thicc, crispy and cronchy outside — soft and chewy on the inside. it’s not super spicy to me and i loved that pickles were in it. really filling burger. wouldn’t hurt to be a wee bit more generous with the sauce and salad tho 🌞🥗💦

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