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Wow! This is super amazing! Fries that are crunchy on the outside but still soft

on the inside. Loaded up with cream spinach. I really love cream spinach but ever since I became lactose intolerant, it became difficult to find one available outside. Portion is a little big. Good for sharing. Will definitely be back just for this!


I was excited for a uniquely different #loadedfries incarnation 😆 It’s a new #cheese thing

made to bridge the deliciousness of #spinach and #vegancheese 🫱 The restaurant even has a ton of art and decor as interesting as this #sidedish 😝

The #fries were exactly what you need in a thick cut like this one 😋 It’s got the perfect golden brown crisp wrapping around the moist fluffy inside 🍟 It’s clear they made sure to let it rest to maintain crust integrity against the #cheesy spinach. It was a little tangly to pull from for an even distribution with the #frenchfries but not enough to not order it. This load was savoury and extremely heavy to eat. I could easily order this as a meal in itself 😜

For this loaded version it’s $12 which could be much but i don’t know how much spinach costs in Singapore 😂

Everything from this place just knows the most classic comforting flavours and offers it in a pretty bowl (or plate) ❤️‍🔥💯

Total #abillionhacks separating this side that came along with my burger anyways as a separate

review entry 😉 but I did opt to upgrade it from the regular fries just #forthedollar so it still count IMO 🥳 I’ve been meaning to order this for the longest time! Just the idea of cream spinach with fries sounds so.. intriguing! 😋 It was well worth it though cause what a spectacular combination 💚


The fries are nicely crispy and not too soggy. The cream spinach is nice, and

its actually a nice combo with the fries. But after a few mouthful it gets a bit too much, perhaps bcos its too 'creamy'.
Had to have it with chilli sauce to balance the taste. Or perhaps i shld hv added chilli flakes or something.
Or maybe its just my asian taste bud, i cant handle 'cream as much,i get bored.


I was a bit tentative about the spinach and fries combo but it was really

good! The fries are battered and the creamy spinach compliments them nicely. I liked the addition of the spinach cuz it helped me to somewhat redeem myself from the burger and fries I had that night 😅


I had these as a side dish to a burger. The chips are good, the

creamy spinach is good, but as a combo I’m. It sure it works. The creamy spinach quickly soaks into the fries making them kind of soggy ☹️

this was super creative! i’ve never felt healthier eating fries 🤣 would have preferred the

spinach served separately because it made some of our fries soggy 😅 but the fries were perfectly crispy and golden we loved it!!


The taste of alliums was so strong in this one, i couldnt really keep it

down. Also, my friend & i got quite sick of it halfway through. Order the normal fries, that never fails to disappoint!

//21 Dec 2021

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