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Calamari Rings

by Love Handle


4.42 (19)

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8 April 2021
Interesting texture and the dip was nice too.

But wish the quantity was slightly more for $8. Would get the fries next time instead of this.

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3 July 2022
If you're going to compare this to, say, Nature's Charm and their abominable little

product then of course this wins, but that's an incredibly low bar for #fried #calamari rings. From its tired presentation to the there-but-not-quite chewiness of the texture (thanks, #mushroom 😏), this wasn't top-pick material. #tartarsauce distinctly ordinary...

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25 May 2022
My colleagues said it tastes exactly like calamari.

I however had no reference but it was crispy and chewy. The sauce that came with it was mildly tangy, creamy.

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28 August 2021
Taste and texture is exactly like how I remember calamari to be, how did they

do it?! Plus the sauce was so on point with the perfect amount of tang and creaminess. Would definitely have again 👍🏽

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5 December 2020

these calamari rings are delightfully seasoned and have a pretty similar texture to that of actual calamari, just more chewy- i remember calamari being tough to chew through but i’m not 100% certain 🤔 the sauce goes swimmingly with the rings and i love how it was thoughtfully garnished too 🥸 #veganin2020

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23 January 2021
this has been our go-to side dish from love handle burgers since it’s debut.

the dip is amazing. the batter is dope, tastes great even when it’s not as crispy and a little soggy from the time it takes to deliver. it’s a little pricey for how the portion looks but it’s actually pretty filling for a side...

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20 July 2022
I don’t know how to describe the calamari rings at Love Handle - omg!!

😍 How do you manage to get it to taste soo good!!! The tartare sauce was soo good too! My friend and I literally swallowed this in few...

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22 June 2022
The texture is very close to the real thing.

My only complaint is that portion size is on the small side and the batter could use some additional seasoning

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6 January 2023
This was gooood, especially with the lime.

Love the chewiness, it was just nice for me.

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20 September 2022
Hard to believe it's made of konnyaku.

The texture is so similar to real squid. It's crispy & tasty, dipped into the tartar sauce for extra yum

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