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Nasi lemak

by Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant


4.35 (17)

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14 July 2021
Best vegan nasi lemak ever. I love how pretty and blue the rice looks! The

sambal chilli was so tasty and it PACKED A PUNCH. If you like sweet chilli sauce with extra heat, you’ll really like this dish. The little side dishes were pretty flavourful too. The yellow fried egg looking thing is fried beancurd pockets. My favourite is the okra with the spicy sauce. Great dish! #abillionxkinder

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YO this was insanely out-of-this-world good. The rice was extremely fragrant, the sambal absolutely flavourful,

and the fried “fish” were little nuggets of delight. But the star of the show I must admit, is the “fried egg” - so texturally similar to an omelette, and so delicately spiced in a way that reminds me of Balinese cuisine. Overall, one of the best renditions of Nasi lemak I’ve had here in SG!

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Surprisingly the soup is really nice... tomato based, this sour and savoury! The Nasi Lemak

is a hard fight with another one that I like a lot~ I appreciate 2 different types of chilies with different flavors were provided. Would appreciate a bit more veg for the price though~ #abillionlove

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Tasty vegetarian nasi lemak, surprised at how big the portion is. The soup of the

day came with peanuts which was great nutritionally. However, I would have liked more vegetables in this dish. There was a lot of mock protein but not enough veg.

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This blue pea rice nasi lemak is delicious. Yummy and satisfy your craving for local

favourite foods.

2 thumbs up for their chilli sauce.

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very fragrant coconut rice. rice is made with alchemy fibre, so it's very filling! couldn't

finish the rice. nothing special about the side dishes tbh, but the price is quite reasonable at under $10 considering it's from a restaurant.

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**please note that majority of their dim sum and those listed here in the app

contains dairy.

I picked this set cos I love petai. And I’m so happy there’s a tiny bowl of black bean peanut soup. Yums 😋

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Blue Pea Flower Nasi Lemak (with alchemy Fibre) costs SGD 9.90.
Apparently alchemy fibre is a

patented, plant-based fibre blend that helps to lower the glycemic index of white rice and increases the fibre content to 10x of white rice. (which is rlly cool!!) [info obtained from their facebook page]
All in all, it had a strong flavour of Nasi Lemak (yum yum!!!) and I appreciated that the sambal was placed in a small plate separated from the food. 🐸❤️

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A delicious plate of vegan Nasi lemak.

Am confused with vegetarian eateries using the word

plant based. Just fyi they do use dairy in their dishes. You will need to check with servers.. eggs used are indicated in menu.

Anyway am very disappointed their monkey head mushroom dumplings are no longer vegan. I cannot comprehend why insist on using dairy and egg when it can be made without.


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