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The Lot

by Lord of the Fries - Swanston Street


4.20 (2)

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9 July 2020
Can't believe I've never had this before, it's a monster of a burger

with vegan beef, cheese, egg, pickles, beetroot, and most importantly, pineapple. It was maybe a little bland and I think I'll get jalapeños or some sauce with a little kick added next time around. #alv

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4 December 2019
The Lot basically includes everything like your veggie, patty, cheese and egg.

The patty was well seasoned and flavourful, one of the better ones i have had :) It was my first time trying vegan fried egg and i was sold! Its texture and appearance were really close but i wouldn't say it has the exact taste as eggs. That being said, it was still very good!👍🏻😊 Love the fluffy bread and generous portion too~ i wasn't a fan of the cheese though...the portion that didn't melt properly tasted funky to me lol

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