• Is Melbourne vegan? Yes! Melbourne is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
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The photo shows just how well it can hold

up after an hour train ride home.

My husband was amazed it was vegan and rated it highly (as a man who loves meat) this was a huge compliment to the hotdog.

I think with more creation like this incredible snag, we might be able to bring him (and others) over to this side of the track.

I Rate it highly! Even though it is incredibly simple.

Speaking as a German, we don't have such great vegan fast food at home! Highly


This sandwich features the Beyond sausage with onion, tomato sauce, mustard and cheese. The texture

of the bread is soft and I like how they use liberal amount of cheese on this.

Despite the awful photo of this overcooked hotdog, this place is usually really good 😹

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