Chilled Aloe Vera with Grass Jelly topped with Lime Sorbet

  • Is Chilled Aloe Vera with Grass Jelly topped with Lime Sorbet vegan? Yes! Chilled Aloe Vera with Grass Jelly topped with Lime Sorbet is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Set Meal Dish 6/6
(I'm going reverse because dessert first! 🙆‍♀)

My first time at LingZhi

and I be blown away. The food is tasty and the presentation is beautiful. The prices were very approachable for the set menu.

We chose $48++ for 2 pax for 6 courses! Guys! DATE NIGHT. PLEASE. GO.

The dessert was very light and refreshing. The meal didn't feel very heavy once we ended with this dessert. The sorbet is sweet and sour. The jelly is so light and yet flavourful. They had pieces of dehyrdrtaed strawberries in there for crunch. Delightful dessert. Really.

Well I'm all smiles from dinner last night. All the rest of the dishes coming up!

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The jelly was so cooling and sweet. The sorbet really made be come alive. The

small bits of freeze dried strawberry were a nice, crunchy and sweet delight.

Typo in the Abillion entry: #lemongrass #jelly, not grass, makes a real difference 😛 Two

servings of this #aloevera #dessert fed five because that's how good a job this place had done of feeding us 😌 We spent minutes going back and forth with the waitress auntie about whether the #limesorbet was free from honey and milk and cream and cheese and goatlings and all those other nasties which Chinese aunties think are also vegan. Okay maybe not kids but hey still nasty!

My #sweettooth was satisfied with this! 😋

Lovely lovely end to the many dishes we had. The lime just nicely clean the

palate and sweetness from the lemongrass & aloe is so refreshing. Super liked the lime sorbet too.

Vegan with sweet tongue, you have to try it!

I love the aloe vera tastes likes

lemongrass and the sorbet is super sweet and soft. Love the texture and must try!

Ordered a set and forgot to take pictures 🥲 everything was great. Dessert is refreshing

but the jelly was a bit too much.

$8++. Very pretty presentation. This was really refreshing and not too sweet. Lime sorbet melted

too fast though

confirmed there’s no honey! still didn’t try it tho but sis said its too sweet

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