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Li.Ke Phad Thai

by li.ke : serious||thai||vegan


4.70 (2)

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8 August 2022
Best phad thai ever had.
It was absolutely marvelous (and also paid definitely too less, only

I loved it so much that despite the place is in the opposite side of the city we're going back there tomorrow before going to the airport.

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Altro piatto eccezionale, al punto che mi sono ricordato di fare la foto soltanto in

un secondo momento. Locale favoloso per varietà e qualità, oltre che estremamente economico

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Unfortunately this was mediocre at best. The pad Thai tasted like hot sauce and soy

sauce, but that’s about it.
No distinct flavor and an overall bland taste.

I will come back to try their other dishes but this one just didn’t do it for me.

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