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Most helpful reviews

Mind-blowingly delicious! If you're craving a healthy, hearty vegan breakfast, look no further. Tofu scramble,

mushrooms, potatoes, avocado and a simple but tasty secret sauce all come together to create a breakfast that won't disappoint. It will leave you feeling full but still craving for more! So, so good. Can't remember when I last had such a good brekkie out!

A really great twist on a traditional breakfast , really loved the mushrooms and how

they incorporated sumac in the meal. Just wish they would used black salt in the tofu egg to give it a more eggy taste

Ordered this with JustEgg but they were out of stock. The tofu scramble, avo 🥑,

rosa tomatoes 🍅 and hollandaise and sumac sauce were were nice but I did not enjoy the mushrooms, which were a bit watery and seeped into the tofu, or the wedges, which were hard and dry.

In love with this breakfast. Don't know how they get the tofu to taste that


Classic breakfast bowl never disappoints 😚 Very healthy and not too heavy!

This is my go-to, happiness in my belly!! I usually get the Beyond Sausage added

which is an extra R49 on the menu. IT IS ACTUALLY R85!!! Can't justify that.

Favourite dish 😋 Have it every time I visit Lexis! It never gets old.

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