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Falafel Bowl

by Lexi's Healthy Eatery


4.80 (6)

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5 April 2021
This is very tasty and includes such great, fresh ingredients 🥕🥑🥒🥬

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18 April 2021
Magnificent meal, one of my favorites from one of my favourite places.

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18 April 2021
Delicious healthy vegan bowl with lots of fresh vegetables and delicious falafels.

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30 November 2019
Taste explosion.

These beetroot falafels are great hot or cold (you can also buy just a starter with 3 - which I did), the salad is amazing

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10 February 2020
My favorite dish.

Flavors are fantastic and so filling!

16 January 2020
It had so many wholesome components but very filling.

Definitely could share this between two girls

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