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Choc chip Waffles

by Lexi's Healthy Eatery


4.47 (6)

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4 October 2020
A really good waffle.

It was my 1st time having a vegan waffle and honestly it did not disappoint. #veganisnotscary

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14 August 2021
This is not the best photo and they didn't travel too well - especially the

cream. 😳 I was hoping for something a bit tastier - they were okay but you could kinda taste the protein powder.

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6 December 2020
One of my favorite dessert for breakfast options in Jozi!

They also make a delicious guilt free waffle option because they are gluten free, high in protein, and refined sugar free. Highly recommend! #veganin2020

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26 September 2020
Gluten free.

Indulgent. Protein.

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2 May 2021
I loved these waffles and ate every bit 😄 protein waffles with chocolate chunks, desiccated

coconut, banana, cacoa nibs, vegan Nutella and coconut cream 👌🏻

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15 October 2020
The waffles were light and not too heavy, the vegan Nutella was 10/10, and the

strawberries added a bit of acidity to cut the sweetness

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