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Beyond Burger

by Lexi's Healthy Eatery


4.24 (19)

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24 October 2020
My Favourite... the Lexi’s Beyond burger 💃👏🌱!!!!

I’m in heaven right now #veganisnotscary



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26 July 2020
Found the Patty a bit mushy , not sure if it was just a bad

day as their food is usually great

Loved the sweet potato wedges

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22 May 2020
Got treated to a Lexi’s Beyond Burger!!

It was amazing, just what the doctor ordered 😍☺️💃💃

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4 October 2020
The best beyond burger I have ever had.

Sorry for the bad quality photo. But 100% the best burger ever. #veganisnotscary

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11 May 2020
The Beyond Burger Lexi’s Style.

Loving that Lexi’s has an unique way of doing the burger, its super aesthetically pleasing and tantalizing. #ashers

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27 October 2020
Our favorite meal on the Lexi's menu, the good ol fashioned burger, but even better,,

it's crueltyfree. The onions and Mayo taste amazing and of course the patty out of this world. Overall great...

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5 October 2020
Love recommending this one for my meat eater friends to try out.

They are always pleasantly surprised at how great it tastes

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26 September 2020
My first time trying a Beyond Burger and WOW.

Absolutely delicious.

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24 August 2020
Have to recommend Lexis beyond burger again!

It is just outstanding!!

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16 August 2020
I just love the beyond burgers from Lexis.

While a lot of vegan restaurants are now serving the beyond burger, there’s something about Lexis delicious sauces that are just unique and delicious!!

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