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  • Impossible steak Haché
  • Impossible steak Haché

Impossible steak Haché

by Les Bouchons


4.20 (3)

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8 July 2023
Still one of my absolute favourite dishes in Singapore. Simple yet SO good. Impeccable French

fries, a massive Impossible “steak”, salad and bread. What else can you want? Even my non vegan friends order it now.

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So simple yet so delicious. A big piece of Impossible steak/burger with yummy French fries,

my guilty pleasure every time I fancy a piece of my childhood in France. Very recommended.

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LOVE this dish. From the incredible impossible “steak haché”, to the delicious French fries, salad

and bread it comes with, this is the one dish that takes me back home to France. This has become a monthly go to for me, and my non vegan friends.

[tip: don’t order the pepper sauce that comes with it as I recently discovered it contains meat 😕]

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