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Most helpful reviews

10/10- the meat alternative is unbelievable! Very filling and a nice treat

Lekker vegan is always a huge hit. This is their new branch in Kyalami, Johannesburg.

The staff behind the didn't understand what gluten was, and the vibe was very disappointing compared to the CT branches.

The burger was decent, and tasted good. Bun is soft and tasty, sauces match great!
Unfortunately not as big a serving as CT branch either.

It was great and nostalgic to try out, but if I want the Lekker Vegan experience I'll have to save up to go to Cape Town.

Really loved the Lekker meaty burger, especially the marinated soya/tofu bits inside. I’ve had many

other dishes as well over the year, and while I’ve loved them all, I do feel that the taste has not been as good as the first time I had their fats by.

I didn’t need to season it at all, very tasty, delicious! Enjoyed the freshness of

the vegetables. Did not feel like I was eating a non-meat dish! The nachos chips I added as an extra were crispy and not oily.

Lekker altyd💚💚 The best cheat meal!! The crispy fries are super crispy🌱 tasty meaty

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