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by Lekker Vegan Kloof


4.24 (10)

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14 June 2022
Price: R54=$3.35 (Ubereats).

R45 in-store.

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7 December 2020
This really was amazing!

I loved every bite, sauce included! Can't tell the difference. Will get it again, for...

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15 June 2020
Delicious vegan nuggets from Lekker Vegan.

Mind blowing! #greyton

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26 February 2022
Also very good.

Think Woolworths does the best nuggets but these are a close second. Love that they cut spring onions into it for serving. Very tasty.

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16 May 2020
Great nuggets, taste and crispness is superb.

Would get them again.

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6 April 2022
i don’t care if these are fry’s nuggets I STILL LOVE THEM😂🥲😍😏🙈

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16 June 2021
I’m a nugget girl and I looooved these!

Crispy and fresh how you expect nuggs to be 10/10 would recommend

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17 July 2020
I love meatless nuggets and these are meatless nuggets so I love them.

They taste best served with mustard. Unfortunately, no mustard sauce on their menu.

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4 August 2020
These are good but not the best value as they are just Frys

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29 July 2020
Sure you can get them at pick n pay but lekker vegan just makes it

taste better

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