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  • Mixed Chickn and Beef Gatsby
  • Mixed Chickn and Beef Gatsby

Mixed Chickn and Beef Gatsby

by Lekker Vegan Kloof


4.60 (16)

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28 April 2021
Can’t stop, won’t stop.

I have a friend who without fail always requests we get LV when she is in the area, and I am happy to oblige. Introduced her partner to the gatsby, he was also incredibly impressed. Delicious as always and super...

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19 March 2021
This was amazing...my boyfriend and I did a big order and shared this and other

items over a weekend...took forever cos there was so much food. It was such value for money and absolutely delicious. We cannot wait to go back!

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20 March 2022
The first photo was today's order, the second photo is of the first one we

had back in 2019. Although today's was takeaway, i.e., more squishing, the quality level has definitely dropped in the past 2 to 3 years. Everyone should at least try it once; hopefully you catch them on a good day.

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5 December 2021
Lekker vegan never disappoints!

The Gatsby is great, half is more than enough and bursts with flavour. Perfect 'fast food' go to when you have that craving for chips and what not.

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6 April 2022
these never fail to satisfy!

i loved the combo and the sauce is so tasty. super big so just beware. but it’s so good you want to eat it all :)

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29 June 2020
Really enjoyed this as a Sunday treat before my weekly Monday fast!

Will definitely get it again!

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23 October 2019
I love these gatsbys so much I rarely order anything else.

The OG sauce is so good and I also love their new cajun mayo. Nom nom!

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21 October 2020
For a junk food vegan (and giemba) like myself this is perfection.

Amazing taste and the presentation just makes your mouth water. Great food from a really great company.

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31 July 2020
Lekker vegan makes such delicious "gourmet junk food dishes"

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16 May 2020
Oh my word, this gatsby is out of this world, so delicious and easily enough

for 3-4ppl.

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