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  • Loaded nacho bowl
  • Loaded nacho bowl

Loaded nacho bowl

by Lekker Vegan Kloof


4.40 (13)

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25 August 2019
Have you tried the new menu at Lekker Vegan?

It’s soooo goood! From Nacho wraps to Swahili Bunninis, these cruelty free junk food options are sometimes the only thing you really want on days when the fried food cravings will have you! They also recently launched their Kloof Street...

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11 August 2019
I greatly enjoyed these nachos & my favorite part about it was the how delicious

the cheesy sauce was. The nachos were a bit spicy for me but that’s the whole point haha. #greyton

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15 June 2021
A super tasty cheat meal treat!!

Lekker vegan is a really cool place to take non-vegans to show them something tasty and junky🤤

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15 May 2021
Ordered this with extra avo, it was yum but think I prefer the wraps in


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19 July 2021
Had this as part of a special on at the moment - 2 burgers and the

nachos for R222. Totally worth it as their food is so filling. Seriously delicious, I think the best vegan nachos I've had so far (though I haven't had...

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9 March 2021
Nachos were great , vegan mince was pretty good the vegan cheese had more of

a sauce taste and texture but was still tasty would defos chow again🌱

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25 March 2020
This is good, the meals at lekker vegan are always so huge and piled high

with toppings. I always leave with a huge food baby

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1 June 2020
They have the best mince substitute, the cheese sauce is great, good portion size

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