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Lekker Swahili Bunini

by Lekker Vegan Kloof


4.33 (19)

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13 November 2021
Vegan chicken mayo with cheese and tomato on a toasted bun.

Very generous and very tasty.

Golden crunchy outside with a soft inside ~ just...

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8 June 2022
My favourite junk item from Lekker Vegan!

Chick’n Mayo and Cheese Toastie! The best!

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25 March 2022
I wasn’t blown away by this.

It was rather tasteless and didn’t have a chicken taste at all. The cheese wasn’t melted like it should be on a toasted sandwich. Won’t order it...

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15 June 2020
Tasty, junky and fantastic value!

I love the bread that it comes in. Was spicier this time than other times (I don’t remember chilli being in it before?) but it was great nonetheless.

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19 March 2021
This was amazing...my boyfriend and I did a big order and shared this and other

items over a weekend...took forever cos there was so much food. It was such value for money and absolutely delicious. We cannot wait to go back!

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8 September 2019
Toasted Cheezy Buninis are delicious, great comfort food #animalsnow

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2 June 2020
The best thing in Lekker Vegan's menu, it's their take on a toasty Chickyn Mayo.

Surprisingly fresh and super delicious. Add some chips and you've got a very decent meal.

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