Lekker Messy Gatsby

  • Is Lekker Messy Gatsby vegan? Yes! Lekker Messy Gatsby is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN
4.47 (12)

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Most helpful reviews

Yasss I love this - we shared a half portion and in true traditional Gatsby

style it was more than enough!
So delicious. Highly recommended

Okay! This is by far one of my FAVOURITE gatsbies I have ever tasted. The

mixture of the vegan beef and vegan chicken strips is genius & the satay sauce is delissssh! I can’t even finish it because it’s so big but that’s why leftovers are a thing. #greyton

We loooove this gatsby. We got the mixed meat with mixed sauce and nothing to

complain about. The price is R200 which sounds expensive but this dish can be shared between 2-5 people easily which makes the price very reasonable :)

Delicious and so satisfying! Shared with my partner, a half gatsby is definitely enough for

one person

The best vegan gatsby in all the land. You cannot go wrong here

Not for the faint hearted! This monster can fill the belly of any giant! Or

just share between 4 friends easily!

Such a filthy delicious mess. I’m obsessed 😊 Could do without the raw onions though


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