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Claypot brinjal

by Leaf Corner
4.47 (3)

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Leaf Corner
Leaf Corner83 dishes · 173 reviews

11 Irving Pl, #02-01, Singapore 369551

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Most helpful reviews

The aroma of plum vegetables? (梅菜 )and the smoothness of the eggplant makes this dish

another non-spicy and delicious dish.

I Love this dish So much. It’s Packed full of yumminess. Goes so well with

a side of brown rice.
Leaf corner is fast becoming a family fave. It’s a veggie restaurant with a few vegan dishes and many veganisable ones. We usually state upfront that we’re looking for a vegan dinner and the lovely staff will advise us accordingly. Their menu currently does not have clear labels of dishes with egg/dairy etc. Hope they will consider updating this.

this dish was not bad!! as someone who doesn’t take spicy food, i requested it

to be non-spicy

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