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  • “Calamari” Oyster Mushrooms
  • “Calamari” Oyster Mushrooms

“Calamari” Oyster Mushrooms

by Leaf


4.75 (4)

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6 July 2020
Wowwww this was phenomenal!!!

We liked it way better than regular calarmi. This was light, crunchy, and tender on the inside. The sauce it came with was a sweet asian sauce that went super...

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22 December 2021

I highly recommend ordering these! I’ve never had fried oyster mushrooms and I loved that they were not greasy and perfectly crispy.

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23 October 2021
Super good, definitely didn’t miss the animal in the middle, perfect texture.

🍄 They weren’t my favorite thing we got, but they were the picky 🇩🇪’s fave 👌🏽. #veganisnotscary #tapas

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20 February 2023
they were a little on the greasy side for what i expected; however, i really

liked the flavor combination with the sweet and sour sauce. the mushrooms were seasoned very well. i think i enjoyed the flavors above the texture.

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